『Inverted Eclipse』

Release : 2015.6.30
No : SCFR-0003
Price : ¥3,000- (tax in)

1. Uncharted territory
2. Eclipse in the transmigration
3. Night flutter
4. Genesis
5. Granded mastermind
6. Maze of hidden
7. Orpheus
8. Gemini
9. elan vital
10. Tearscape
11. Inverted cross
12. Tomorrow
13. Boundless

Sclaim始動第一弾となる1st FULL Album発売!!
新曲、未発表曲、新レコーディングVer. を含む全13曲収録。

Uncharted territory (Instrumental)
Eclipse in the transmigration (新曲)
Night flutter (New Mix)
Genesis (新曲)
Granded mastermind (New Mix)
Maze of hidden (新曲&Album Mix)
Orpheus (初収録曲)
Gemini (New Recording&Album Mix)
elan vital (New Recording Ver.)
Tearscape (New Mix)
Inverted cross (新曲)
Tomorrow (New Mix)
Boundless (New Mix)